2014 Wedding Trend: Short Wedding Dress

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Who is still in need for a dress, and is looking for something new and different?  Well let me say you’ve definitely come to the right place as today I’m featuring one of Topwedding’s UK (a online Bridal brand) new collections for short beautiful and classic wedding dresses.

When you mention wedding dresses, your beautiful brain would always conjure up an image of a long white dress, slowly draping over the floor as you walk down the aisle. This 2014, why don’t you set the trend anew? Sport a short wedding dress and show them that bridal elegance isn’t how long your wedding dress is. Short wedding dresses are actually refreshing, casual, contemporary and chic. Let these five short wedding dresses illustrate…

Beautiful Short Wedding Dresses

Lacy Vintage Wedding Dress

Bring out the delicate antique elegance with a laced tea-length dress in white. Perfect for a retro-inspired wedding, this fancy dress would bring out the glowing aura of the bride. A simple cut for the dress is already great for the detailed intricacy of the lace will prove the sophistication. A complimenting waist ribbon will also help show off the bride’s curves.

Beautiful Short Wedding Dresses

Chiffon Bohemian Wedding Dress

A flowy creamy white chiffon dress is an easy way to captivate a Bohemian characteristic. Make the dress’ sleeves elbow-length to further bring out the avant-garde feel. Floral crowns and fancy long necklaces will also do the trick. This style of dress would strongly support a garden or beach wedding.

 Beautiful Short Wedding Dresses

Sweet and Romantic Wedding Dress

Play it fancy by donning a simple knee-length white dress with flower accents and a cute little bow. Wear with white stockings and closed heeled shoes and you’re one dainty bride. This look works well with a rustic or intimate wedding. It shows a feel-good and warm appeal.

Beautiful Short Wedding Dresses

Tube Top Wedding Dress

You’ll surely be one charming and sassy bride in a tube top white wedding dress which is cut just a little above the knee. Pull up your hair into a bulging ‘do and wear bold-colored pumps. For an extra tweak, you could adorn your hair with some headband with a bow.

Beautiful Short Wedding Dresses

Modern Wedding Dress

Achieve the look of a sultry modern bride with a modern-cut plain white dress. Nude pumps outlined with black will accentuate the overall modish impact of the look. Have a little black bow accented on the waist and go for a smokey eye makeup.

Awwww I love them sooooo much!!  Did I say if you click on the picture it would take you to their online page??  Check it out…..

My favourite would have to be the first one; absolutely beautiful and can work with the incident brides out there.

I hope this guest post from the remarkable Topwedding UK has been useful to y’all?  It certainly has for me.

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