5 Fun Wedding Reception Ideas for 2018


The New Year is very much now amongst us and mulled wine is but a distant memory, but don’t fret(!), we’re here with a few helping hands to bring you details on all things wedding, hurrah! Today the lovely Rebecca Fitzgerald has given some insightful tips on 5 Fun Wedding Reception Ideas for 2018

2017 saw a lot of conventional wedding reception rules being broken. For instance, many couples are opting for autumn weddings instead of the typical summer ceremonies. And unlike before, Elle suggests that minimalism has emerged as a popular trend, with more couples preferring simple greenery over yesteryear’s floral-flooded settings and centrepieces.

In fact, some couples have even taken to slashing their guest list and choosing smaller venues, keeping everything very low key as they feel it’s more intimate and practical.

However, the good news is that streamlining your wedding doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the fun aspect of the event.

Below are five fun reception ideas you can consider for your wedding.

Unleash your guests’ inner child

A bride interviewed by the Huffington Post revealed that her wedding reception included a games room, complete with arcade machines and a popcorn machine. Other options include getting a huge inflatable playground or a bouncy castle that the adults can play on.

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Host a silent disco

Silent Discos are set to be the next big thing in 2018 when it comes to wedding receptions. Instead of blasting out music, you can instead provide each guest with wireless headphones that can tune into music channels. Each one may feature a different genre of music, so your guests can listen to the tunes that appeal to them the most. A Silent Disco will make for an interesting wedding party experience. Foxy Bingo notes that silent interactions provide people with the opportunity to practice their non-verbal communication skills. Body language may be the key to get two of your friends to hit it off at your wedding.

Get some food trucks

If you want to provide a fun take on dining during your wedding reception, why not get some food trucks to serve the food? Opting for a variety of styles of food can keep your wedding party happy throughout the day.

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Have a campfire reception

If you’re looking to host a unique rustic wedding reception, how about turning the event into a campfire celebration? Bridal Guide suggests this option for couples who want to have an outdoor wedding at night. Guests can roast hotdogs, bread and s’mores. You can even enlist the services of local musicians to provide live entertainment. The only catch is that this idea is more of a seasonal alternative, which means it’s more feasible if the event is in spring or summer.

Prepare for an anniversary piñata

One great idea is to distribute cards on the guests’ tables and ask them to jot down or even doodle their wedding well-wishes, words of wisdom, and date night ideas for you and your spouse. For added fun, you can even ask them to drop it in a large piñata, a piggy bank, or something similar, and tell the guests that you will be opening these notes on your one-year anniversary. This makes for a fun alternative to the conventional guestbook.

some great insights there from Rebecca for 2018. We can’t wait to see these trends in action! Have you got any of these planned or are you now thinking about including some of these for your big day? Let us know!

Right, time to power through Monday and get planning, we have some great weddings this year and we can’t wait for you to see them! 

Love Bertie x