5 Incredible Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Weddings

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We’ve all been to our fair share of weddings – some more than others (we know Elizabeth Taylor went to at least 8 – she was the bride for all of them!) – and as such we might all think we’ve seen all the traditions and nuances of the many different ceremonies and customs that can be seen in the UK and beyond. Think again: we’ve amassed nine fantastic and unbelievable (yet entirely true) facts about weddings that you probably didn’t know about.

1/ Bridesmaids are ‘dummy brides’ used to confuse evil spirits

Yes, you heard that right: the traditional of bridesmaids joining the bride at a wedding is thought to have arisen from Roman law, which demanded that all weddings be attended by 10 witnesses wearing identical clothing to the bride and groom. This was thought to prevent any evil spirits and ill-wishers from tainting the lucky couple with any malevolent curses or spells.  So next time you’re a bridesmaid you might just want to watch your back…

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Image credits – Hayley Savage

2/ You should always tell the bees you are getting married

Perhaps I should explain. ‘Telling the bees’ is a strange old British custom which perhaps belongs on the same page as touching wood or crossing your fingers, albeit in the section marked ‘even weirder traditions’. The age-old practice entails informing local bees of any major events in your life, be it a birth, death or a marriage – one assumes via the medium of speech – to ensure they remained in their hives and kept producing valuable honey. The practice has since largely died out in the UK, possibly along with the need to keep bees locally as a producer of honey, but it did gain popularity throughout Europe and the United States over the 19th century. Quite what the bees made of it all is undocumented.


3/ A German wedding tradition dictates that the bride be kidnapped from her wedding reception and held to ransom…

…by her friends. It perhaps sounds a little less dramatic when you add that last caveat, but the German tradition of ‘bride kidnapping’ is one that may well sound a little strange to our ears. This traditionally occurs at the wedding reception, when the best man and an intrepid band of friends and merry men will take the bride to a local pub and hold her to ransom. The groom must show his commitment to the partnership by searching for and locating the bride and paying for all the drink that was consumed by the kidnappers in his absence. One assumes in the age of automobiles, iPhones and GPS tracking this may have become a little easier than it once proved!

4/ The Nepalese government want Mount Everest to become a favoured wedding venue for gay couples

This one was certainly news to my ears: according to the Daily Telegraph, the Nepalese government want to bill their country as the gay tourism capital of Asia, and as part of their plan they’ve been staging gay weddings, or ‘gweddings’, at the foot of the world’s tallest mountain.   They are also offering weddings in remote Tibetan enclaves in the Himalayan republic, so potentially suitors will no doubt be spoiled for choice!


5/ You can get married at McDonald’s

However unappealing the prospect, Hong Kong McDonald’s has kindly been offering wedding packages for just $400 for a few years now, promising a ceremony, reception and wedding cake as part of the greasy deal. According to a spokesman for the fast food venue, they received around 10 calls a month to have a wedding party at one of their restaurants, and as such the opportunity was too good to resist. Unfortunately, the business isn’t enough to entirely close a venue, and the restaurants will remain open throughout your ceremony, which could lead to a somewhat bizarre experience – if it wasn’t strange enough already!


Hahaha, can you believe you can marry at Mcdonalds?  I would love to know how many people have!  I bet we’ll be surprised.

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