5 Reasons… 2013 Wedding Ideas

I can’t believe it’s snowing today!  What’s that all about?

2013 has come along so quickly I feel like I’m on a rollercoaster.  I’m seeing a lot in terms of the design and inspiration for this year’s weddings and thought I’ll do a shout out into what I’m seeing.

There are a lot of ideas for 2013 weddings, some old, some new, some borrowed and some blue.  Maybe you will see a silver sixpence in your shoe (a bit too much there I think).

In this 5 Reasons video I will tell you my top 5 ideas for your 2013 wedding.

Hope this has inspired you a little into what I’m seeing.

To see the Little Wedding Helpers work, the wedding stylist I mentioned here is a link to her website – http://littleweddinghelper.co.uk/

Keep up to date with the 5 Reasons by watching them from my youtube channel.

Love you all and speak soon.

MO xx