5 Reasons… Be a Team for your Wedding Planning!

Hello my lovely moers how are you?  Don’t you just love these crisp winter days at the moment?  The weekends weather was just fantastic!

How are all your wedding plans going?  Come on spill the beans?

It’s a little bit dusty the 5 Reasons, but they’re back and today’s video is why you should work as a team during the wedding planning process.  It will mean that you can both enjoy the lead up to the day, you both know what is happening at your wedding, and that there will be less stress because you have each other to turn to.

I’ve seen it a few times where couples join up and each take on tasks for the process, and come together to discuss the next steps and what is happening.  It’s inspiring to see because they both bring their own ideas to the table and work together to make it happen.

If/when I get married, I would only want my partner involved with the process and keep all guests and family away, so their is no conflicts and everyone can be surprised with what has been created.

Here is the video my friends, and I hope you enjoy it…….

So to conclude; working with your other half = less stress!

Always good to have you hear and I hope you all enjoy this lovely winter weather.

Massive love,

Matthew Oliver Wedding and Events Planner xx