5 Reasons… Be Prepared For The Final Month Chaos!!!

Hola, hola!

So how are you all my lovelies?  Did you have a great weekend?

Can you believe it’s been another month or so since I did a 5 Reasons Video?  So, so, so sorry!  But rest assured as I’ve created a new one for you!  YAY!

Today’s 5 Reasons… Video is all about your last crazy month and the chaos that will happen!

However you plan your wedding, they’ll always be mad chaos just because your nerves are running all over the place and you go through each emotion!  Do you ever get that feeling when you’ve planned an event like a birthday and just a few days before you keep thinking about it and if you’ve planned everything and if everyone knows the details?  Well times that by 100 + and you could be close to how you’re going to feel a month before your wedding!  Not sleeping properly and thinking you’ve constantly forgotten something!

I obviously don’t want to scare you, I just want to warn you and prepare you, because everything happens in the last month and it could run away with you, especially with all the amazing work you’ve put into it.

Stay true to yourself and do everything in your own time; basically don’t be pressured by anyone, and this means your suppliers too!  We’re all human after all and there are certain times where are emotions will confuse us, as after all you only want everyone to have the best time!

Here is the video just explaining some big parts that will make the last month chaos.

The meaning behind this video is to be prepared and keep your head above the water!  Keep saying to your self that it’s going to be fantastic regardless of what happens!

Thanks for popping by and much love!

Matthew Oliver Wedding and Events Planner xx