5 Reasons… Best Men Etiquette


It’s been a long time, well 4 days!!  I missed you guys you know.

How was your weekend?  What did you do?

So I’m back with another 5 Reasons and this week it’s on Best Man/Men etiquette, in other words traditions for best men.

We gotta love best men as not only do they not really know what their responsibilities are they look lost on wedding days!!  So this video is to give support and send love to all the best men/man everywhere around the world!! #lovebestmen.

So here is the video, and don’t worry I will be posting more etiquette videos very soon; so you’re not safe bridesmaids :-).

Hope this helps the lovely best men to get an idea of the traditions and etiquette of what they’re supposed to do.

Thanks for popping by and support the best men!!

Matthew Oliver xx