5 Reasons… Bride Wedding Day Tips

Afternoon beautiful people.  How are you all today and this week?

So what have you all been up to?  Any exciting news with you?

I went crazy as I was like why have I not created this video before, it’s one of the most important ones!!  I’m such a dumpty, though you have it now my beautiful brides.  Oh don’t worry grooms, yours will be coming soon.

There is so much to remember in planning a wedding and on the day itself your head is bedazzled with a mix of excitement and nerves.  So it’s common to forget little things like times, who’s coming when and what have I don’t with my bouquet!!

This 5 reasons video is here to help you remember those little, but important parts of the getting ready part of your day.

Enjoy my lovelies.

I hope you remember these points as I really don’t want to see labels on yours or your bridesmaid’s shoes.

Thanks again for watching and don’t forget to pop back soon for the 5 Reasons… Groom Wedding Day Tips.

Love you all.

Matthew Oliver.