5 Reasons… Choosing Your Wedding Colours

Wow!  This has been my first week ever to create a post a day!  Hope you are enjoying the posts and the blog?

So today’s post is another 5 Reasons, though I do love creating design boards, which I know from analytics you all really love.  I’m going to aim to create at least one design board a week with the vlogs in between!  Is that a good compromise?

I love colourcolour is my life and how I like to express my feelings every day!  We all go by colour (even if we don’t think we are), colour is what makes us either stand out or keep hidden.  Also it’s all around us (of course it is).

At the moment I love red (which I never have liked before), I think it’s because I’m in love with this amazing guy and that it’s a positive colour; you all know my slogan is PMA (positive mental attitude).

You’re all wondering where this post is taking us, and what its main significance is at weddings?  Like the design and theme of a wedding, colour brings the event to life, without it the day would be very dull and boring.  We all like to express our personalities at our wedding by using colours and we always choose colours that either work well together or the colours in the current wedding charts, for that year.

Choosing your wedding colours is potentially very difficult as you got to master what goes well together and try and keep it consistent throughout the design of the day.  Also remembering not to have colour clash, which is very embarrassing indeed.

Here are the 5 Reasons on how to choose your wedding colours, enjoy.

What did you think?  Has it inspired you with how to start searching for your colours?

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Best wishes and happy weekend everyone.

MO xx