5 Reasons… Don’t Be Frightened With Wedding Stationery

Hola, hola, hola!  How are thee all today?

I’m feeling OK, thanks for asking; was crazy tired this morning, and have no idea why!!  We’ve just started watching Battlestar Galactia, and we’re hooked!!  We’re half way through the second series; it really does draw you in, doesn’t it?  Maybe that’s why I was a little tired :-/.

Anyway, you didn’t come here for me to ramble on about sci-fi programs, you hopefully (hopefully been the big bold word here) came to watch my video about wedding stationary, and why you shouldn’t be scared of it!!

Wedding stationery has a lot of mixed views and opinions across the board as a lot of people feel they can do it themselves and don’t use a professional wedding stationer!!  This is absolutely fine due to budgets, but you need to make sure before you start, what is involved and time it takes to create it all.

Like most wedding suppliers, they come in all different price ranges and quality of service/product!!  I generally believe there is a supplier for everyone out there, who can implement your design and theme of the wedding.

Stationery can be a mine field, as you want it to be inviting to guests and showcase you both as a couple, whilst looking impressive and creative.  To start, you need to research and also make sure you know the traditions of stationery; what should be included and what is not really needed.

With all these questions, it can become freighting!!  Wrong, as I’m here to guide you!!

Watch the #5reasonsvideo to understand a little more and hopefully you’ll feel relaxed and confident afterwards to follow your heart down the right path.

How did you find that?  Do you feel a little better and at ease now?  Let me know your ideas and what you want to achieve below?  We all would love to hear them.

I just made a little quote – “Wedding stationery is art, you can’t rush art!!” – I’m quite proud of that.

Anyway, I appreciate you popping along and if you need any guidance, you know where I am.

Love you all and happy, happy day to you.

Matthew Oliver – Your Wedding Planner xx