5 Reasons… Dress To Impress

Hallo, hallo!

I really hope you’re all super OK?  What have you been up to?  Please tell me?

Here is my first of the weeks 5 Reasons video, which is a little different than normal as it’s about why we should all dress to impress.  It still falls under wedding attire, but I speak about in general why it’s important to present ourselves.

For me I think I am powerful when I dress up smartly, but I also believe people find we have made an effort when we dress up, which is mega important if you want to impress someone.

Why do you think dressing to impressing is important?  Please comment below?

Here is my little video.

Hope you enjoyed it and if you want to see more videos visit my YouTube channel on 5 Reasons – wedding subjects.

Speak extremely soon my lovelies.

MO xx