5 Reasons… Groom Wedding Attire Advice


Well, I know how bad I’ve been so I don’t need you all telling me off, thank you very much, though my excuse is I had a lovely well deserved break throughout the Christmas period and now I’m ready to take on 2014!!  In saying that I wish you all a Happy New Year.

The last 5 Reasons Video blog was created over 3 weeks ago, so when I started this I was nervous, but totally excited to get back on track with them.

Today’s video is a fairly good one as I’m giving special advice on the Grooms attire, what to wear and what to make sure to do before the big day.

We kind of forget to discuss Groom tips and advice within the industry as people feel we need to focus on the Brides, though I think as it’s both their weddings we need to make sure we give as much knowledge to both, hence why I thought of this video.  You may find it tongue and cheek, but you know me full of crazy beliefs and knowledge.

Anyway, before I scare you off here is the newest and first video of 2014!!  Enjoy chapos.

If you liked the video and want more advice on how to pick the best suit, here is a great guide from House of Fraser.

What did you think?  Oh, and do you like my frog jumper?

You’re also watching this video on a new blog layout; a lot has changed since the last one haha.

Anyway, have a wonderful/lovely day and hope to see you soon and I promise you’ll get at least one video a week, sometimes more.

If you have any ideas or you want me to discuss a topic with you, please let me know as I’m always looking for ideas and inspiration.

Love you all

Matthew Oliver xx