5 Reasons… Groom Wedding Day Tips

Afternoon, wondrous people how are you today?  Nice weekend?  Mine was amazing thank you!!  First weekend I had off for ages J.

It’s a new week, a new day and a new 5 Reasons video.

This video has been in the pipeline since I created ‘5 Reasons… Bride Wedding Day Tips’ (did you see it?).

I wanted to create this for the groom as they’re just as important as the beautiful brides as they need to know what’s important for their wedding day, as no offence Mr Grooms you’re quite prone to forget things on your special day.

Items like socks, ties, even rings are the most common bits and pieces our lovely men can forget!!  Let them know ladies by showing them this video, to prompt their memories and awareness.

Did you find these last two videos useful??  I would love to know your thought by commenting below.

Thanks for popping by again and stay tuned for the next post, which will hopefully be a design board.

Have a fantastic afternoon and speak soon.

Matthew Oliver xx