5 Reasons… Hiring Themed Objects Creates a Beautiful Wedding!!

Bonjour!!  Ha, I really don’t know why I keep saying bonjour recently, though I kinda like it!!  Gives me an edge; what do you think?  Am I being utterly delirious or is it kinda cool?

Anyway, on with the new 5 Reasons… Though I’ll like to apologise for my hair, I’m trying to grow it, but it’s not working :-).

I love planning a wedding (obviously) and I’m sure you all will too, because behind all the stress and drama there is the beautiful design of the day, what shall I base my wedding on?  Where can I get this?  And what shall I do with it?

The design in my eyes creates your wedding and if you believe in it, it will be brought to life easily.

The reason I’m talking about the design and creativity of your wedding like this is because hiring themed objects creates the look and feel of the wedding you’re looking to create.

For instance, if you want a vintage wedding, you can hire in furniture and old vintage objects which will make the room vintage!!  If it’s a more modern wedding theme, then you can hire in pieces of modern art and modern chairs etc.  Does this make sense?

You’ll be surprised at how easily and affordable hiring themed objects is, but if you need a helping hand I’ll be happy to assist.

Watch the video to find out my reasons why hiring themed objects creates a beautiful wedding…

See!!  I told you so.

Also again apologies for my appearance, like I said in the video, this is why I’ve been hiding recently :-/.  Though I thought I needed to face my fears.

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Love you all and thank you again.

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