5 Reasons… How To Create a Fun and Interesting Wedding Speech

Morning, morning how are you on this beautiful Friday morning?  Yes again, it’s Friday and I can’t believe it.

I have been to and created enough weddings where I can honestly say the speeches were dire and boring.  I don’t know what the fuss is about and I think the more you try the more likely it will go wrong.

Too many of us these days look at the internet for inspiration, which is good to help set you on the path, but not so good if you copy the speech but change it around a little bit.  It generally needs to be interesting and from the heart not boring and from the internet.

Remember at school when you created essays?  Sometimes you look on the internet to get that essay?  Sometimes you use it which always resulted into poor marks!  This is exactly the same, especially as the bride and groom know you and wants it to be official not unofficial.

These 5 Reasons are here to help you set up the speech, but it does need to come from the heart.

Such a strong subject, so I’m sure it will help.

Let’s see a change in the speeches chaps, bring back the traditions I say.

Love you all and have a super duper weekend.

MO xx