5 Reasons… How To Find The Perfect Wedding Entertainer

BOO!  I’m back!  You’re all probably thinking ahh great!

I’m in a real crazy mod today, and really looking forward to the Little Wedding Helpers party tonight, under the stars!  It’s going to be amazing!

I know recently I created a 5 Reasons on how to find a wedding band, this 5 Reasons is similar but is helping you find the perfect wedding entertainer!  This can be from vocalists to jesters (yes jesters!).

Like everything there is a special route to go down in saucing the best suppliers and it all has to flow with your personality and theme!  You don’t want an entertainer that means nothing to you or goes in the complete opposite way to your wedding theme!

Listen to these reasons as I know it will set you straight.

How do you find my cut time?  I have gone from 8 minutes to 5 minutes, to 3 minutes!  I’m getting there slowly, slowly.

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Thank you for watching and speak soon.

MO xx