5 Reasons… How To Find The Perfect Wedding Transport

Hello, hello beautiful people.

When planning your wedding it can be easy to leave the transport to the last minute and in my experience a lot of couples do so, as we all think there is transport available and that’s it’s easy to plan.

It’s easy to have this attitude, but it’s not just the availability of the transport, it’s also, has the transport been licensed? Does the driver know the route?  These are some of the common questions, but we seem to think that this is always OK.

To find the perfect transport there is a lot to look for! Watch my recent video on what you need to achieve and how to achieve it!

I hope this has helped and made you realise that it’s just as important to arrange transport as it is to organise catering.

Think about it, how else will your guests get from A to B.

Speak soon and thanks for watching.

MO xx