5 Reasons… I Advise Having an Engagement Shoot with your Photographer!

Hello, hello lovely people.  How are you?

I’m a complete kid today as I brought my Christmas decorations today and they’re all consisting of little animals, I really couldn’t resist as they’re all soooo cute!!  Once I have them all on the tree I’ll show you as I’ll be a proud man!!  I’m more excited about this Christmas more than any other Christmas ever.

I’ve created this 5 Reasons Video as I wanted to advise you it’s important to meet your photographer before your wedding as you not only get to see how they work you’ll feel confident knowing you’ve picked the right one or know you have to cancel them and book a new one.

Meeting them before also helps them because they may think you’re unworkable and you’re not the right style for them as each photographer has his/her own style.

Yes it may be a bit more expensive, but 100% worth it!!  If you mention it before you book them, they may create a special package for you, or some have it in their price already because they feel it’s important.

Anyway enough of my rambling, here is the video on why I advise you to have an engagement shoot with your photographer…

I hope this helps you make that important decision to have a shoot before your wedding.

Did you have a shoot with your photographer?  I would love to see your photos?  Post below.

I love you guys and thanks for popping by.

Matthew Oliver xx

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