5 Reasons… I Love Festival Weddings


It’s another beautiful day today, and today is a great day because we’re going to Bradford-on-Avon to look at Cottages and Houses!  It’s going quickly and I can’t possibly wait.

I’m so happy to have created this 5 Reasons video as it’s quite literally my dream wedding!

Have you ever thought of holding a different kind of wedding something that will wow guests and go down in history of fantastic weddings?  If so it would have to be a festival wedding!

Festival weddings are engaging, colourful and super powerful as you’re pretty much bringing something to life from a blank canvas!  All you need is a field and BOOM your creation begins.

You have got to be realistic because not all budgets will be able to create something like this, so don’t be disheartened if you can’t, your wedding will still be magical because it’s all about PMA (positive mental attitude).

Take a look at why I love FESTIVAL WEDDINGS…

Has this inspired you to go and do it?  I would love for you tell me, just comment below.   Or if you have created a festival wedding please show me what you have created?

Thanks for watching and love you all.

P.S. Wish me luck in looking for properties J.

MO xx