5 Reasons… I Love Inside Furniture, Outside @ Weddings!

Haha ( well I don’t think I’ve ever started a post with that before). I’m just laughing at the title, do people understand that? I know when it comes to listening and talking to me, it takes someone that has known me for a long time to understand my jibber jabber; now it’s coming out in my writing!! So let’s hope you understand the rest of this post.

So bonjour anyway, I needed to say that somewhere, even if it’s not at the beginning. How have you all been? What you doing? Is’nt this weather awful? I mean like errrr awful!! I’m probably annoyed because I had to leave my nest to go to London and the train was delayed for 40mins because of the weather conditions!! Can anyone beat that??

This year is the year where design hits!! BOOM (I wanted it to be dramatic). Where you’re going to see a lot of creativity at each wedding; even if the couple have the budget or not.

I love design and I love helping couples put together design boards and create suggestions of what to do with their ideas and how to develop them.

This year ONE of the big design ideas is bringing inside furniture and using it on outside weddings, marquee, forests, fields, gardens etc, etc. This can be as big or small as you wish; for me the more the better.

I have a couple of couples that are producing it, but are both completely different and cannot wait to create them and of course show you all.

So I’ve produced this 5 Reasons video just to really explain the ideas of what you can do and how to develop them all.

Enjoy me lovelies…

What did you think?? Was it insightful or just plain rabbit poo??

I would of course love to know if you’re doing any of this at your wedding?? Like I said if I were going to get married this year I would totally do something like this; who knows I may still. Yes, yes I promise to share the weddings and design elements once the weddings have been created.

Thanks for popping by and I love you all for coming.

Much love,

Matthew Oliver xx