5 Reasons… It’s All About The Wedding Couple, Not You!

Bonjourno everyone!

Can you believe it’s Friday?  I always seem a little different on Friday, maybe because it’s the weekend or maybe because it’s another end to a week, who knows.

As I’m in that crazy mood (some may say I’m always in a crazy mood) I thought today’s 5 Reasons subject is perfect!

It’s “It’s All About The Wedding Couple, Not You!

I’m sure every wedding couple can relate to this video, because why should someone else take over, complain or be annoying at someone’s wedding!  It’s damn right rude I tell you and think it’s utterly unacceptable, especially the amount of love each couple have put into their day.

Question for the naughty guests, would you like someone like this at your wedding?  Exactly, why do it at there’s then?

So enough of me ranting here because you will get enough of that on the video :-/, you know I like a good rant, so I’m sure you can forgive me.

I want to see change people, change!

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Love you all and thank you for watching.

Matthew Oliver.