5 Reasons… No Strap Marks Please

Hello, and welcome to a new week, new day and a new beginning for a whole load of us.

The sun is still happy and shining bright in the UK, he must be really happy with us to give us this treat for over 4 weeks now; thank you mr sun.

Oh and we have a royal baby on the way, this time in probably 6 hours we will find out the sex.  I’m hoping for a princess.  What you hoping for?

As it’s hot, hot, hot I thought I would create this 5 Reasons video as it’s all about strap marks and how to prevent them for appearing or shall I say taking over your wedding.

These reasons are all obvious to everyone, but I’m still seeing strap marked brides and bridesmaids!!  So this is just a little push to make you aware to be cautious as you don’t want the strap mark virus!!

Having strap marks at your wedding will pretty much ruin the day, as they will make you feel uncomfortable and haunt you for the rest of your life in your photos.

Stop it from happening and watch the video.

Thank you for watching and please NO STRAP MARKS!!

Stay tuned and speak soon.

Matthew Oliver xx