5 Reasons… Not To Blow Your Life Savings on a Wedding!!

Bonjour, hola everyone.  How are you all doing?  Good I hope?

Here is my recent 5 Reasons video in a special two part series (thought series works) on why not to blow your life savings on your wedding and why you should blow your life savings on a wedding!!

Today’s one is why not to and I give 5 important reasons that a wedding is based on love, not money and you don’t need to have a lavish wedding to prove you’re in love with each other.

You need to be comfortable and to do this you need to set up a budget plan before starting anything else with your wedding.

A wedding can be created to however you like, with whatever you like and to how much you like to spend.  Do not be pressured into spending millions because your best friend did!!  If you’ve got a £10,000 or lower budget you’ll still have that perfect wonderful wedding.  Its all about the creation and what you want instead of the money.

So here is the newest video on why you don’t need to spend your life savings on a wedding….

Stay tuned for why you should spend your life savings on your wedding; see it from the other side.  Like the whole angel and devil thing…..

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