5 Reasons… Not To Have Kids At Your Weddings!

Hello, hello I’m on a role this week with the videos.  Sorry totally rude, how are you all today?  Having a good day I hope?

I have had a lovely day today, went out for a lovely lunch (which never happens, due to business) as a little treat.

Well this is going to couse an uproar as we love and hate them, yes you got it in one CHILDREN!  We love and hate them but at weddings, we should just say NO to ourselves and make it an adult only affair.  This will make it fun, relaxing and enjoyable, also there will be no crazy misbehavior, I swear children have a club and at the club they talk about how to ruin a wedding.

You will like this video if you agree, but you’ll hate it if you disagree.

They we go another video -actually the 43rd video!  Can you believe it?  43 videos!

Anyho speak soon and massive love.

MO xx