5 Reasons… Official Rules For Wedding Guests!!

Howdy beautiful people, how are thee all today?

Massive apologies for the lack of blogs this week, I’ve been working on a sister company, which is all hush hush and I’ll announce very soon.  So I’m sure you can understand :-).

I know I keep going on about wedding guests, but it’s so important they know what’s right, what’s wrong and really the official rules for weddings, hence why I’ve created this video for you.

There are always 4 types of wedding guests…

  • The over excited guest (makes me laugh)
  • The normal, sophisticated, general guest (love)
  • The guests that really can’t be bothered, but like the free event (hate)
  • The guest that has no idea what’s going on and has never been to a wedding (this video is for you)

So here’s the 5 reasons video to help give guests an idea of the rules behind weddings.

Does this help?  Can I trust that you’ll listen to me and start doing what’s needed at weddings, especially the RSVP’ing, actually the whole lot?

Thanks for popping by and stay tuned to find out about my sister company and of course for the next 5 Reasons.

Love you all.

Matthew Oliver xx