5 Reasons… Outside Natural Materials Look Great For Your Inside Wedding!!

Hello, hello everyone.  How are thee all this week?

Apologies that this is the blog post this week!  I hope you can forgive me?

At least it’s a 5 Reasons, or do you prefer the others?

So what have you been up to?  Anything nice?  Me and Mr. M went to go and see puppy Winston on Saturday, just look at the wee rascals.  We collect him on the 5th April, so not long now 🙂

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Anyway, back to business!

Today’s video focuses on a big design element for this year, in bringing the outdoors inside!!  It’s proven very popular as the designing is so vast and you can pretty much create anything your heart desires, depending on budget of course.

With our amazing weather (not), this gives you the best of both worlds, in making it look like you’re outside, but being sheltered inside if the weather is horrendous.

Big elements are hiring trees and instead of loads of flowers, use loads of greenery and foliage, which can be scattered around the whole venue/location.

If successful, you can end up with a completely magical/whimsical affair.

Watch the video for some more crazy ideas, and I apologise in advance for my rambling.

All I can say is sorry, especially as I went blank half way through too :-/.

I appreciate you watching and popping by.  Like I said, if there is a particular subject you want a discussion on, please feel free to let me know, and depending on the subject I’ll create it for you.

Thanks so much and love you all.

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