5 Reasons… Pinterest is a Great Wedding Tool!

Hola, bonjour gorgeous peeps!!  What’s new in the hood today?

So there really is light at the end of the tunnel isn’t there?  This weather is lovely, I know it’s not amazing, but it’s an improvement from everything else we’ve had recently!

How many of you have heard of Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media platform which lets you communicate with pictures/images.  It lets you create boards and on these boards you can pin certain images to go with that board in particular; so if by chance you were planning your wedding you may create a board called wedding and each photo in that board will be an element of your wedding.

It’s so easy to use and proves incredibly useful, especially if you’re creating your wedding and using Pinterest as a tool.

It really helps me and other suppliers, because we can see each element of what you want to create and each little bit of design, colour and theme.  It lets us see exactly what you’re after, because we all know pictures explain better than words in planning your wedding.

So I decided to create this 5 Reasons… to show each of you why you should join and start creating boards, because not only does it give you inspiration it helps everyone involved.

Enjoy the watch…

Did I tell you that this groom created his wife’s wedding through Pinterest?  Yes, he got a friend to give him access to her board and everything on there he created and surprised her with at their wedding!!  Amazing, huh?

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Love you all.

Matthew Oliver xx