5 Reasons… Research/Compare at Least 3 Wedding Suppliers From Each Factor


How are you all, on this, fine, fine day?  You know when it’s nice outside when your neighbours are in the garden, cutting the hedge, mowing the lawn (Have I ever said, that I love the word mowing?).  It makes me laugh when you hear them in full force.

What’s fresh (new)?

So how lucky are you, not one, but 2 #5reasonsvideos this week!!  You’re completely spoilt.

Today’s video focuses on why you should research and compare at least 3 suppliers from each sector; sector, meaning florists, photographers, cake designers, venues, stationers etc, etc.

Seeing 3 not only gives you comparisons, it lets you know what can be achieved and what is out there.  I believe there is someone for everyone, and you need to remember this, instead of going for the easy option and just seeing the supplier down your road!!

If you’re comfortable your wedding will be comfortable; what I mean by saying that is, your suppliers bring your wedding to life, and if they don’t understand you, or they’re not the right style for your wedding then you’re going to be uncomfortable.

It’s one of your most important days of your life, you have no second chances, so it’s important that everything created shows your personality, and by doing this it falls down to everyone involved.

I’ve rambled too much again haven’t I?  Well, here’s the video for your eyes and I hope you listen to me………………………….

Hahaha, I wasn’t screaming at the beginning of the video, I was meant to be saying hola, but watching it back it looks like I’m screaming.

I really hope you all listen to me on this?

Thanks for popping by and watching.

Love you all.

Matthew Oliver xx