5 Reasons… Simple Complications on your Wedding Day to be Aware of


Wow it’s cold isn’t it?  I can’t believe we’re in March and it’s this cold!  I feel so sorry for all the poor Lil’ baby animals and spring flowers that are coming into the world, it’s so sad.

Oh dear, I believe that was a case of rambling, massive apologies.

On with the post then…

The first of the 5 Reasons this week is about simple complications on your wedding day to be aware of!

In life we are faced with tonnes of complications and brick walls.  For someone who has never planned a wedding before, you may be faced with some complications.  Each of us is different.

Some complications cannot be helped, but it’s great to know what we’re up against on the most important day of our lives.

These 5 Reasons is here to help you understand the simple complications which we’re faced on our wedding days.

I’m sure this has helped and if you want more 5 Reasons on wedding related subjects, click here.

Thank you for watching and speak extremely soon.

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