5 Reasons… Some Wedding Venues are Greedy!!


So I’m heading for 5 blogs this week, already managed 3, 2 to go.

I have changed and found my video backdrop (blackdrop in the video), which I feel really happy about.  Any ideas what I should do with the picture in the background?


This video came to pass after coordinating a wedding recently and I found the venue staff extremely greedy and rude!!  They even had show arounds the morning of the wedding whilst we were setting up, like who does that??  Utter rudeness.

Not only were they greedy they were very unsupportive towards me and other suppliers.

This video is for you to be aware of greedy venues and make sure you know exactly what you want before meeting with the venue and hard sold too.

So here is the latest 5 Reasons video ‘Some Wedding Venues are Greedy’.

Like I said this is only about a certain venue in particular and to help you prepare before your venue meeting.

Love you all and thanks for popping by.

Matthew Oliver xx