5 Reasons… The Importance of Wedding Toastmastering

Holla beautiful people, how are you?  How was your weekend?  Hopefully you’re not to lobster like.

I thought I’ll start this week with a 5 Reasons video as it’s a beautiful day and to celebrate all the gorgeous weddings that took place on the weekend.  Congratulations by the way!

Have you heard of toastmasters?  A toastmaster is someone who traditionally wears a red suit jacket with black trousers and carries a bell to get peoples attention at weddings and normally announces important information, i.e. speeches.

Unfortunately these colourful figures are fading away at weddings which is a massive shame because they generally bring a great cherished service which will make your day run smoothly and efficiently.

However these days wedding planners and wedding co-ordinators take these tasks and make all the important announcements.  You can also go completely personal and give this task to the best man, ushers or even bridesmaids, but it’s sometimes nice to have them relax and enjoy the day also.

Having someone conducting your wonderful day will give you peace and let you relax knowing that everything is fine and looked after.

So I guess you want to view the video?  Well here it is…

Have you booked a toastmaster for your wedding?

Thank you for watching my beauts, and make sure you wear that sun lotion, otherwise you’ll be lobsters and no one likes burnt lobsters.  You know what; I have not actually had the time to properly go out in the sun 🙁 (I know feel sorry for me).

See you all very soon.

Matthew Oliver.