5 Reasons… The Perfect Wedding Band

Hey lover bums!  How are you on this fine, fine, fine day?

Today I wanted to create a 5 Reasons… as at the time I was having a conversation with the fabulous and amazing Hayley from Head Over Heels Entertainment about one of our couple’s wedding bands and just wanted to give you some valuable advice on how to find the PERFECT wedding band!!

*I’ve gone a bit weird and made sure I underline and CAPITALIZE each time I say PERFECT – #massiveapologies.

It’s easy to be misled when it comes to your wedding entertainment as you feel you’ve got all the time in the world to book yours!  You’re wrong as the entertainment is one thing that has to be PERFECT as it’s something that the guests will always remember, more so sometimes than them remembering the photographer, so it needs to be PERFECT, as you don’t want to be the talk of the town!

What will you look for in a band?  The reason I ask is because this video is on my preferences, if I was looking for one for myself or just for a client!  Yes I do want a female rapper at my wedding!  I still have not found one that does weddings, however I’m sure I could ask one of the many famous ones ;-).

Atmosphere, style and fun is what a band needs to bring to your wedding, and you should be willing to pay a bit more for these traits!  So don’t be scared when one comes back saying they start from £1,200; this is generally a price I would start from, unless there is a new band that wants experience, or a band you know, then it’s fine!!

To make sure they’re PERFECT it’s vital you go and see them before hand, at a local gig, function or heck festival/concert (they could be that good).  From this you’ll see there stage presence (as Simon would say), and if there is nothing then no harm, you don’t need to book them!  They need to be excited to perform, like I get excited when I talk weddings all the time, it has to be like that!!  The last thing you want at the most perfect day of your lives is to have some couch potato bands that don’t hold it together, create no atmosphere, and have dull faces!!  As it’s such an important day, money is not important here at all!

That said here is my video on the subject!!  Take notes……..

However you won’t need to find your perfect band if you had Hayley to support you!  No word of a lie, every time I use her and she finds me an entertainer I’m shocked, because I honestly didn’t think they would be just as good as the one she found previously!!  Hayley goes above and beyond to find that PERFECT band, and won’t stop till she succeeds!  I’ll happily say I’m in love with her and would always work with her.

Sorry I know soppy, soppy!!  I just wanted to say if you can’t find one with my advice just go to Hayley, she is actually in a band herself.

Anyway I hope you take this video to bed with you as like I’ve said throughout this video your band needs to be PERFECT!!  Enough said!!

Love you all and thanks for coming along.

Matthew Oliver Wedding Planner