5 Reasons… The Traits That You Need To Help Plan Your Wedding!


I feel lost at the moment, everything is going real fast and I actually thought it was Thursday today!  I think I need a holiday J.

I thought I would create another 5 Reasons as there was 3 weeks where you didn’t get any!

Today’s 5 Reasons is all about the traits that you need to have to be able to plan a wedding!  It’s not an easy ride planning a wedding and you will be faced with a lot of challenges, decisions and choices on the journey to planning your day.

There are certain traits that will need to bring your wedding to life and even though every wedding is completely different you will all need to have the same traits to make it work!  And if you don’t have one, then you will find it very difficult to continue the journey.

I’m making it sound like some kind of Jedi’s path!  Though planning a wedding is very similar to a plant growing, yes I have gone mad!  You will find out why I think that when you watch the video.

Did you like my comparison to a plant?  Do you agree with me?

You know the competition is still on and you only have 11 days left till the winner is announced and to enter!  See here for more details.

Love you all.

Matthew Oliver.