5 Reasons… Timings at Your Wedding Reception

Hola everyone, how are thee all?

Before you say it I know! I know I’ve neglected you again and can’t really think of an excuse to say why :-/.  Though I’ll like to take this time and apologise for my absence from the videos!  There has been blogs though, so not been that bad!!

Anyway before I dig a hole even deeper I’ll like to introduce you to my newest 5 Reasons video on timings at your wedding reception.

Yes you need to think about timings for your wedding, what is happening when and where, not only does it help you manage everything it helps all suppliers, especially the caterers when their service is needed.

This video will just go over certain points on your reception about how long to take on each part so you can plan your wedding accordingly and perfectly.

Here it is my beauties.

Don’t forget to share it with anyone and everyone and of course thanks for popping along to watch.

Love you all and have a wonderful evening.

Matthew Oliver xx