5 Reasons… To Create a Wedding Planning to do List!

Happy Wednesday everybody!  How the devil are you all and what is new in the hood?

The #5reasonsvideos are back YAY!!!!!!!!

Well it’s not that exciting, but I’m sure it is for some people.

Today’s video is all about getting organised and creating a to do list before planning anything.  I know it sounds crazy, but it helps massively, as it will inform you what to do when during the process, and it will make you less stressed!

We wedding planner’s love these lists, and we create them for each couple based on the plan and what they’re looking for.  I create them in a monthly format, so I know what to do each month during the process.  It helps because you have certain duties to do in each month, and it doesn’t get overwhelming because you can work to how you like.

It’s just to keep you calm and collective, because it’s so easy to rush into it all and get everything booked straight away, before picking a date and venue, and then everything changes because you don’t have the venue you want, so all the design and style needs changing to fit the new venue.

It is also easy to have a crazy last month, but with this plan and keeping to it, will help you stay focused.

Watch it here…..

I want to hear that you’ve all got a list, and how it’s going for you?

Just remember it’s your wedding and no one else’s.  Stay true to yourself and you’ll be fine.

Oh and don’t you just love my fox jumper?

Love you all and have an amazing day.

Matthew Oliver – Wedding Planner xx