5 Reasons… To Create a Wedding Website

5 Reasons… To Create a Wedding Website

I thought I’ll feature Wedding Websites in this video as they are becoming, more and more popular every year.

Not only can you hold all the vital information from location to menus, you can design it to be completely personal, with your colour design or theme.  It is also popular to have an About You Page which will have everything from how you met photos and even guest articles about you both from important people in your lives.

If you’re feeling truly creative you can even make a blog and update it on a regular basis, this blog can be a diary of how you’re going about planning your wedding, tips, ideas etc., etc.

Having given away the majority of the video, I’ll stop rambling which I know you all know I’m good at.  Watch the video to get more inspiration.

There we have it, 5 Reasons… To Have a Wedding Website; What did you think?

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Until next time.

MO xx