5 Reasons… To Design and Create a Feature Wall or Backdrop at your Wedding.

Bonjour mes belles personnes (hello my lovely people).

Who knows why I’m speaking French at the moment, but I’m sure it will change soon; maybe I’ll be speaking ancient Red Indian next!

So how are we all?  It’s been a great day here so far; just had my lovely afternoon coffee so all perked up and ready to go with this post.

Today’s 5 Reasons is a simple one really just talking about feature walls and backdrops; basically about the design and creation of weddings.

Feature walls are becoming extremely popular as you can use them for anything, with anything, on anything and it can be any shape or size!!  They can also be made out of glass, wood, fabric, flowers, brick and anything you can think of.

*Really your imagination can run away with you if you’re interested in having one.

If you’re struggling to use a certain item at your wedding or the venue has said you can’t hang anything on the walls then this is a perfect opportunity to create a feature wall or backdrop.  They can even hide certain areas/elements in the venue that you don’t want people to see.

Feature walls should be created with your theme and generate your personality or likes on them.  Though you really can be unique with them and give your guests the wow factor.  Who ever said your feature wall can’t be hanging from the ceiling made out of pure glass? #justsaying

Anyway before I rabbit on, here are the reasons why you should create and design a feature wall for your wedding:

I would love to hear from you if you had one at your wedding or creating one for your wedding?  You can even send me photos if you like.

Oh whose excited about my sister company launch date?  I’m aiming to launch it this Friday, but will confirm very soon.

Thanks for popping by and happy bonfire night.

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