5 Reasons…. To Get Married at St.Georges Chapel in Paphos/Cyprus

Hello, hello my lovely beautiful people.  How was your weekend?

I had a super one (super for 3 reasons, super 80’s themed party, super partner and super Mario!!)

Today’s 5 Reasons is talking about the beautiful St.Georges Chapel in Paphos/Cyprus and the 5 Reasons why it would make a perfect wedding ceremony venue.

As promised because I was not able to go inside, here is a collage of photos of what it looks like inside this attractive modernised chapel.  The beautiful couple are Rebecca and Steven Burt – Wedded last June.

Matthew Oliver Weddings - The Wedding Planner

So there we have it, a new 5 Reasons on yet another stunning venue on the island of love.

Speak again soon on the last and final video from Cyprus – Ayia Kyriaki Church.

Love and best wishes,

Matthew Oliver xx