5 Reasons… To Get Married at Your Family Home or Yours in a Marquee


How the devil are you all?  It’s been a while…………….

So yesterday I went to Devon (the video was created yesterday) and went to one of my beautiful couples reception locations, which is at the bride’s family home; hence why I’ve created this video.

Having a marquee, tipi, dome tent or other tent in your garden or family home garden is great because it’s easier, relaxing and comfortable.  Yes you have got the fact that loads of people will be there and there will be mess, though this is not a worry at all.

It’s amazing how easily a marquee company can fit a marquee or other tent into your gardens these days.  Last year I had one and it had the children’s play area inside, meaning the marquee was built around the garden and location.  Amazing!!

There will be no hidden costs and you’ll feel amazing showing off your new transformed house to your loved ones.

Here’s the video before I ramble on more…

I hope it inspires you to do the unexpected and create magical memories (cheesy, but true).

If you need any help, advice or support I’ll be more than happy to shine a light on the situation.

Thanks for popping by and love you all.

Matthew Oliver xx

(Currently bobbing up and down to Lady Gaga and M.I.A’s new albums)