5 Reasons… To Get Married In The UK

Hello, the weather is getting a bit better don’t you think?

If you’re from another country have you ever thought about coming over to the UK to have a traditional wedding?

Weddings in the UK are perfect for anyone looking for that special day to remember as we have a lot to offer anyone from around the world.

Our traditions and couture’s go way back so if you’re looking for a historic building you can find that here in the UK.

Actually you could pretty much have anything here in the UK, well maybe not flying pigs, but we can definitely try.

Watch the 5 Reasons for more inspiration for UK weddings.

Awwww home, from home.  What did you think?

If you want any help planning your UK wedding, I’ll be happy to assist.

Happy Easter by the way and hope you have a super duper time, don’t eat too much chocolate though.

Love you all.

MO xx