5 Reasons… To Have a Dress Up Theme For Your Wedding

Before you say anything I’m only dressing up to the theme of the video!!  Well I do love to dress up as Peter Pan, hence why I have this costume.

We all love to dress up, some more than others, but have you thought about having a dress up theme for your wedding where guests can make an even bigger effort and dress up to your theme?

Todays 5 Reasons gives you just that, why to have a dress up themed wedding.

It has been gaining more and more popularity throughout the years, and the most popular ones are black tie, ballroom and where guests dress up only in your wedding colours.

It may seem cheesy, but it will only be cheesy to how you create it and the effort you and your guests put in!!  Even a black tie wedding can be cheesy, it’s all in the creation, communication and the budget you have.

I am always toying with the idea of having a dress up theme for my wedding; if of course I was ever going to get married!!  But if I were I would definitely put a magical/fancy Disney wedding in my top 5 choices!!  It’s all about choices you know.

Anyway enough of my rambling, here is the video and promise not to laugh??

Oh and here are some dress up pictures of Alfie dog!!  I couldn’t resist :-).

Matthew Oliver

I would love to find out if you had a dress up themed wedding or you’re planning to?

Thanks for popping by and watching my latest video.

Stay in touch and love you all

Matthew Oliver xx