5 Reasons… To Have a Table Plan @ Your Wedding

Afternoon everyone, how are you all today?

An organised wedding is a perfect affair which we know and love, an unorganised wedding is a bad affair!!  It’s quite simple for yours to go down the unorganised route; the reason could be something big or even small which will put your beloved day in the unorganised team!  Not good I say.

Creating a table plan for your wedding guests will put you in the organised team as it will save time and keep formality at your wedding.  I know a lot of you hate traditional weddings, but think if you didn’t have this it would result into been quite manic and guests slopping down anywhere:-/, not my idea of organised.  It also helps all staff, suppliers, caterers and planners helping to plan/create your wedding.

Creating a table plan is fun as you can put your own spec on it, like it could be a tree.

Here’s the video….

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MO xx