5 Reasons… To Have a Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

Having just learnt about one of America’s top traditions, I found that it is such a lovely, personal, innovative and creative idea.

Having a rehearsal dinner the night or day before the main event (Your Wedding) will not only support you both, but will bring all your guests together so on the main event there will be no awkwardness or shyness as the majority of people would of met.

Well it could go the other way, but I don’t want to speak about naughty negative guests!

I’ll like to thank Caroline and Tom (my amazing wedding couple from America) for mentioning this to me, so I could create this video.

Watch it here.

It’s a great idea and hope you will use it the day before your special day, even if it’s for a smaller crowd.

Hope you’re all OK in the snow and not been too affected?

MO  xx