5 Reasons… To Have a Wedding Rehearsal


I’m sure you have all heard of a wedding rehearsal?

These are a perfect way to be prepared, organised and settled on the day of your wedding.

Couples decide to have rehearsals so they can go and see the Church and have a run through with the verger or vicar of how it’s all going to work and see what will actually happen on the day.

If you’re not marrying under the Church and having a civil or humanist service you can do this with a planner or someone at the venue.

Only a certain few marriage officers will do a wedding rehearsal, but otherwise speak to the venue or like I said a wedding planner, who will be more than happy to show you how it will work on the day.

These are our traditions that have been passed down many generations and somehow they are being phased out of some weddings, as people say it’s time consuming!

As mentioned before you can have a rehearsal dinner after your wedding rehearsal.

Here is the video ‘to have a Wedding Rehearsal’

If you want any more information about wedding rehearsals, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thanks for watching and sure to speak soon.

MO xx