5 Reasons… To Have Your Private Wedding Photos Before The Ceremony!


How are you all?!  What’s new and how are all the wedding plans going?

So I decided to get back on track with the 5 Reasons Videos and I thought this one was a good subject as it’s all about why you should have your main photos before the wedding, so before the actual ceremony!!

To me this is a new trend, which I’ve witnessed a few times actually, where the couple do a first look and then get taken away to have their private shots, before meeting everyone at the ceremony!!  Of course, no one has to know as we can still hide the bride (or groom) and get the groom (or bride) to the altar/table/tree/feature beforehand!!

It’s popular and great because it makes the day longer, more special and romantic as you get to see your husband or wife to be before anyone else and also get to spend time with each other, as you know this is quite rare because after you get married you’re separated with celebration and everyone wants a bit of you!!

I’m not saying this has to be the new tradition, it’s just an idea, as you know me, I like to offer ideas and solutions to couples.

So have a watch of the recent video and I would like to apologise, why I look weird wearing a blanket!!  I have no idea what was going on at the time.

I hope you enjoy….

I would love to hear your views on this subject and if you are thinking of doing this or if you have done this?  If so, how did it work, I’m sure other readers would like to hear it.

Thanks for popping by and love you all soooooo much.

Matthew Oliver Wedding Planner xxxx