5 Reasons… To Write a Photographer Shot List for Your Wedding

Hola, hola!!  How are we all?  What a lovely day it is?  Spring is knocking on the door don’t you think?

What’s new in the hood, and how are all your wedding plans going?

I’m back with another 5 Reasons… Video and today, it’s a simple one, just advising you all to write a photography shot list, so you and your photographer know what’s happening.

Every photographer is different from the other photographer, with their different style, design and creativity.  However, they’re similar as a lot, like to have a photo list, it doesn’t have to be detailed and it will also help them know who is who without feeling rude in asking for them to have their photo taken.

I know that natural photography is the most popular, but you still need structure and organisation with your photos.  Having a photo list, it will speed up the process so all guests can go to the drinks reception whilst you can have your private photos with each other.

Here’s the video for your viewing…

Just a small little video today, to give you some advice on the photos.

I hope it was useful and don’t forget to share, love and follow the rest.

Thanks for popping by and watching.

Matthew Oliver xx