5 Reasons… Wedding Drinks Reception Advice

Hello, hello!!

Welcome back to the MO wedding blog, which is home to the crazy and silly 5 Reason videos, giving advice on everything about weddings!

Today’s one is one of my worst as I was disturbed by a certain red puppy!  The monster, known as Winston!  He was demanding my attention on what would’ve been an excellent video.  I was going to create it again, but thought I would show Winston’s true form!!  I know, totally cruel huh?

The subject of today’s video is ‘advice for your drinks reception’.  This part of the wedding is my absolute favourite as its sooooooo relaxed and everyone is either catching up or getting to know each other!  As I repeated in the video quite a lot, there is no structure or formality and of course you can have whatever you want in terms of the creation.

However, there could be certain obstacles you may face, which are the weather and venue restrictions!!  Annoyingly you can’t change the weather, if it’s mega hot or a downpour of snow, this could affect your magical drinks reception.  Always have a contingency plan with the weather.  Venues can be very strict on where you want the drinks reception, so before you start planning everything make sure you have a definite answer on where you can have it.  Don’t be afraid to be forceful, as some venues don’t actually know the answer!  I know right, utter rudeness!

Bonus if you’re getting married at your own place, as you have no restrictions!!  Though remember you don’t have any guidance, so I would suggest hiring a planner to help you with it.  Maybe me if I don’t annoy you :-).

Oh god, I’ve rambled on again, here is the video and don’t mock me because of the monster AKA Winston or Bambi to some.

Hope it gives you some ideas and insights into your drinks reception.

Let me know if you need any help or anything?

Thanks for popping by and watching the silly videos.

Have a lovely day and love you all.

Matthew Oliver Wedding Planner xx