5 Reasons… Wedding Guests Should do a Reading at your Wedding Ceremony

Hallo my beautiful little Moers!  I do hope everything is OK with you all today?

This weather, grrrrrr!  I just wish it would be nice.

So this is my 99th video, can you believe it?  My next one is the special competition one.  Though it may not be released for a while as I was hoping to film it outside!  I’ll keep you updated though.

Any ho, todays 5 Reasons… is why wedding guests should do a reading at your ceremony!

The reason I say should is because it will create a lovely personal and emotional atmosphere within the ceremony, making it completely different from other civil or religious wedding ceremonies around.

You know I love putting a stamp on a wedding and this is one of those stamps that will make yours different and inspiring!  Also it will make your ceremony fun and interesting.

I hope you enjoy.

What did you think?

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Love you all and thank you for watching.

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