5 Reasons… Wedding Lighting Ideas

Hola, hola, hola my chekos!  How are you this week?

As you can imagine, everything is up and down at the moment as 1) its wedding season, and you know what? even though I was prepared this year, it still took me by surprise and 2) this little puppy called Winston, the red setter, is 100% crazy!

However, I’m really happy with life right now, even though it’s CRAZY!!

I cheated, as this 5 Reasons video was supposed to be released last week, but I had issues and problems with getting it out in time!  Never fear though, as it’s here now and I don’t think you’ll be upset as we’re discussing wedding lighting!  YAY!!

Wedding lighting is just as important as everything else, as it brings places to life, set’s an atmosphere, and just makes your wedding that little bit more special.

The great thing about wedding lighting, is that you can have any budget for it to still be effective and create a romantic setting, which is wonderful for everyone.  Though it’s quite difficult to know what works with what, what you can have and how it will create an impact!

As always, there is no right or wrong, unless your venues tell you otherwise, but if it’s a bespoke wedding, then there are no limitations or rules on what you can have/do with the lighting elements.

In this video I ramble on, on what some great/popular ideas are for your wedding lighting.

Apologies again for my annoyance, as I know I do ramble on about nothing, and that these videos may make no sense what so ever!

Though what did you think?  Have I given you some good advice?

I would love to know what you’re doing with your wedding lighting, or what’ve done before if you’re already married and just love coming back here!

Thank you for popping by, it’s always great to see/have you here.

Love you all.

Matthew Oliver your Wedding Planner xx