5 Reasons… Wedding Marquee Design Tips

Hola me lovelies, hola!!

Haha, I’m officially back as I’ve just created my first 5 Reasons Video for like a month!!  How I did it, well, I gave the dog his dinner, so he was distracted, though towards the end you can hear him, even though you can hear him munching all the way through hahaha.

It’s really good to be back you know, it’s been a long time and I’ve actually missed you; SHOCK HORROR!!

So what’s new?  Or shall I say what’s new in the hood?

I wanted to create this 5 Reasons Video, because I want you all to know some helpful tips with marquee weddings, as they’re completely different to traditional wedding venues.  It’s up to you to make the marquee pretty, and create a design for it!  Everything will need to be thought of, even though you’ll have the help of the marquee companies, I think it’s good to get other opinions on board too, maybe a planner!? ;-).

It’s also good for you all to know that you can achieve anything with marquee weddings, absolutely anything!!  They come in so many different variations, colours, sizes and a lot of them even allow you to add more bit’s on to them to make it a bigger space or even a different shape.

Like I always say it’s your wedding and there is no right or wrong way at all, you can do whatever you want and please don’t be pressured into believing it either!!

Marquee weddings are great because everything needs to be built with your personality and creativity in mind.

Enjoy the video peeps…

Are you happy that I’m back?  I’ve had no one message me saying where are?   I could’ve been eaten by my puppy, for all you know!!

I’m happy you’ve popped by and I’ll be in touch soon with something else to inspire you with.

Have an amazing weekend lovely people.

Matthew Oliver your Wedding Planner